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Providing the best gambling experience was probably the main idea of creating 7 Gods Casino. Without any grand promises, the casino offers a huge number of games on every taste. But the most noticeable part are games with a live dealer. It is the option for the gamblers, who are seeking the land-based casino atmosphere but in the need to make a compromise, considering the undoubted advantages of online casino. Interact with a human dealer and watch an outcome being decided by a chance in front of your eyes.

7 Gods Casino Welcome Bonuses

Welcome, dear casino players! Your trust is paramount for 7 Gods Casino! The casino management are very happy to reward you with a 4-tier welcome bonus up to €/$/£/NZD440 or SEK/NOK4400 and 77 Free Spins! Let's take a look at the bonuses terms and conditions below:

  • 100% up to €/$/£/NZD100 or SEK/NOK1000 plus 27 or 77 Free Spins for Asgardian Stones slot by NetEnt
  • 50% up to €/$/£/NZD100 or SEK/NOK1000
  • 50% up to €/$/£/NZD100 or SEK/NOK1000
  • 70% up to €/$/£/NZD140 or SEK/NOK1400

For more information about bonus offers and the casino general policy for bonuses and promotions, please visit the casino homepage or contact their Customer Support via e-mail or live chat.

7 Gods Casino Games 

Live Dealer Roulette

Live dealer roulette is a way to get immersed by the atmosphere of a casino, interacting with humans. A dealer at 7 Gods Casino always has a warm welcome and interesting topics to talk about with players. But the key to real joy is the fact the number is chosen by a real ball settling in one of the roulette wheel pockets. A video is played from different angles for you to see each detail of the game.

The variety of roulette versions and tables leaves no doubt you will find the one you like. Except for European, French, and American roulette, the classics of the game, there are speed roulette, localized versions for the native speakers of languages other than English, and even show-like lightning roulette with special bonuses. Each dealer and atmosphere at a table differ, and it may also affect your feeling when playing. Fortunately, there are always another options to choose from.

Live Casino Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most simple casino games, which still requires mathematical skills and practice to get wins. The feeling of controlling the result of the game makes gamblers excited. Digital technologies made it possible to vary the existing versions of blackjack even further and provide additional options for gamblers. In that manner, except betting on own blackjack, players are welcomed to place side bets (for example, if they believe there will be a pair in a hand) or bet behind other players for the case they win. This is also a good option for gamblers waiting for their place at a table.

The wide range of tables was firstly made for different amounts, allowed to be placed as a bet. That is how VIP tables of various levels appeared, including tables where a gambler may play one-on-one with a dealer and no other players will see their game. As well note that there are tables with an unlimited number of players, where everybody bets alone but only one combination for all players is dealt, and with a limited number of sits, where each player is dealt with cards.

A special variant of blackjack at 7 Gods Casino is Blackjack Party for the lovers of a pleasant company to talk to while playing. Hosts always have topics to discuss and do all their best to create a friendly atmosphere at the table. However, be sure you are very welcomed by every dealer and they would like to have a small talk with you. Enjoy your gambling in a good company!

Baccarat with Live Dealer

Baccarat has both similarities and principal differences to blackjack. The principal difference is that gamblers only bet on whether a banker’s or a player’s hand wins, or whether there is a tie. However, neither a banker’s hand nor a player’s hand is dealt with gamblers: they are the combination of cards and nothing more, so do not be confused. The similarities are that each card has its own value, and a hand wins in case its total is more than another hand’s total. However, the total of a hand cannot be more than 9, as only the last digit of a value sum is considered in the game. The cards are dealt following strict rules, and as far as you get the third card rule, you will easily understand what is going on at the table and why there is such a result.

You always have an opportunity to choose a table you like the most, among those 7 Gods Casino has to offer. There are three typical variations of baccarat: speed version with fast card reveal, normal, and squeeze baccarat, where the cards are shown one after another, being squeezed so players may see only part of a card first for a prolonged intrigue. The integral part of playing live baccarat is seeing the detailed statistics of recent playings and an opportunity to place side bets to have higher chances to win, no matter how successful was your main bet.

Live Poker

Casino poker variations are played against a dealer. However, the house does not always have the advantage: show your skills and be the winner. There are three most common variations — Caribbean Stud, Casino Hold’em, and Three Cards Poker. Caribbean Stud is played with hands of 5 cards, and while a player hand is always opened for you to make a decision, a dealer's hand has only one car opened before you decide whether to fold or raise. Casino Hold’em is based on Texas Hold’em but is played against the house as well. The best combination is made from an own two-card hand and five common cards. The cards are dealt and bets are made completely similar to Texas Hold’em. Three Cards Poker is a very fast-paced game, played with hands of only three cards and no common cards. Choose your favorite variation according to your preferences.


Live casino offers a wide choice of games and an even wider range of their variations. At 7 Gods Casino, you do not need to compromise: you will always have the best gambling experience online. It is a perfect opportunity to show your skills and affect an outcome, while the feeling of the results being decided right in front of you, and not computed by a machine will definitely make you more excited. Playing with humans is in all ways more enjoyable. May your gambling be a pleasant time in a good company!

7 Gods Casino free bonus and gratis spins

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