CasinoFair 20,000 FUN free tokens bonus without deposit

CasinoFair 20,000 FUN free tokens bonus without deposit

CasinoFair – Fairness Finally Achieved in Gambling!!! 

If you are looking for proof about the importance of Blockchain, CasinoFair is the best place to start looking. Offering gamers with fair practices and security backed up by Blockchain, this is one casino that changes the playing field. They hold a license (no. 5536) from the Government of Curacao to carry out their practices and offer services to the public. This is a revolution, bringing with it a new way to gamble and enjoy the casino life using the latest technology.

General Information 

CasinoFair was established in late 2018 but finally rolled out fully in 2019. This online casino is entirely based on the software that was being designed by FunFair under blockchain technology. Essentially, it’s only fair to crown CasinoFair as the first-ever cryptocurrency casino. Gamblers can sign up in this casino and enjoy all the 22-unique games that have been specifically designed for this online casino without ever making a cash deposit.

Is this not the future that everyone always desired and wanted? One that offers a place under the sun for gamers to gamble at their own terms? Everything on this site is carefully handled and taken care of under the full discretion of FunFair. The signup process is as easy as 1, 2, 3. To make your gambling life easier, start by setting up your wallet, go ahead and verify your identity and accept the casino’s Terms and Conditions after reading the section. Go ahead and get the funds substantial to your gambling moments then play any of the games listed in the casino.

Welcome Offer 

Newbies at CasinoFair are obviously the bold gamblers who are chasing fairness over everything else. The casino is ready to provide that fair platform you desire and throw in a couple of bonuses and desirable features into the mix.

Get 20,000 FUN free tokens now! Your first 500 FUN credits will be added after sign-up. The remaining 19,500 FUNs will be available after you wager 150,000 FUNs on slot machines. All FUNs work as a no deposit bonus!

You could also consider that this is the fastest loading casino site in the block. You don’t have to wait for results or pay large fees per roll. Keep refreshing the casino page for new or more promotional offers as they are added.

CasinoFair 20,000 FUN tokents free bonus

Crypto Games

There is a unique software developed specifically for this casino. Known as Fate Channels, CasinoFair seamlessly runs and operates. The Fate Channels uniquely suited for CasinoFair is a specific type of State Channel developed to increase the technology and activity behind Ethereum’s blockchain during micro-transactions and player interactions. Therefore, it makes it more than feasible and a great system that this casino operated on Fate Channels.

The FunFair beta version was first tested out and redeveloped before being finally introduced to the casino and the gamblers on board. There are just over 20 games available, but these are all new titles, developed for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency dependent gamers. Expect to meet scratch cards, slots, blackjack and even roulette titles. You might be amazed and intrigued by these unusual titles that are exclusive to CasinoFair.

CasinoFair Blockchain games

Other Relevant Information

At CasinoFair, there are five regions that are fully welcome to play and create real money accounts. The rest is met with a ‘We Are Sorry’ sign and a prompt to leave their email address for notification should the casino become open in that jurisdiction.

Since only Canada, Finland, Switzerland, Norway and Thailand have full access to the casino, this means that the list of restricted countries is way longer. However, for determined gamblers, this should not be too problematic. Since the casino comes in all fairness to restore fair practices, you can as well wait for a fair period until the casino becomes available in your region.

Payment Solutions 

Since CasinoFair operates on Fate Channels, gamblers are assured of smooth processes. With the State Channels being those instances that take place separate to the main blockchain, all the micro-transactions take place independently without causing a burden to the main chain resulting in more scalability. Thus, one is always ensured that their transactions are secured and there is no need to make direct cash deposits into the casino.

When looking to buy the FUN tokens that are the officially recognized trading currency at CasinoFair, you can do so using your crypto wallet that stores Ethereum. No need to crack your head converting your ETH to other currencies or worry about third parties involved in the payment system. Transactions are between the casino and your wallet.

At CasinoFair, there is a Provably Fair sticker indicating that their games have been tested and found fair. All the spins, card turns and wheel turns can be checked and verified. Gamblers are certain that the results are as fair as they appear to be because that it the standard presented and maintained. Also, because of the absence of third parties in the form of payment gateways and software development, you are sure that fairness is maintained.

Customer Support

Get yourself all the information you need by reading through the casino’s FAQ section. It has been divided into three easy sections for you to find the information you need without spending too much time wondering about. If you don’t find your answer or find it but without the full details, get in touch with support via the chat icon which is the wallet at the bottom right corner of the home page. The response time and professionalism show how amazing this casino and its services are, so get on board and enjoy the services.

Final Verdict

A casino that offers you a simple way of playing straight from your crypto wallet is as rare as they come. Your funds are always in your control and the house has absolutely no access to them. Get the best out of this casino that is provably fair and gives you a level platform from which you get to enjoy the games in this casino. As a blockchain casino, there is a high level of transparency for gamblers to be able to enjoy their games without worrying about security and fund insurance.

CasinoFair Review

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