Oshi Casino [review] Free Spins & No Deposit Bonus on crypto games

Oshi Casino [review] Free Spins & No Deposit Bonus on crypto games

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Oshi casino is one of the best casinos we’ve reviewed in a long time. We spoke to their casino manager, their VIP manager, did a secret shopper test and review the site very carefully to come up with our review.

Oshi Casino was founded in 2015 and from what we could see on the Internet archive, the site has made huge improvements since its early days. The casino manager tells us they invest a lot of money in technology to constantly improve the casino experience and based on our desktop and mobile phone tests of the site, it’s true! The site performs flawlessly across desktop and mobile, with easy payments and an impressive game search engine.

About Oshi Casino

Oshi originally began as a cryptocurrency casino, but over time they have been able to accept two different crypto currency’s and seven traditional currencies including Australian dollars, US dollars, Euro.

The site has one of the largest game libraries we’ve seen with around 2500 games from 23 game providers. The site is English-language, but works well with Google translate for all non-English speakers.

Oshi Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Oshi has some of the most generous bonuses we’ve seen for an online casino. They have a huge welcome pack, which includes:

  • 1st deposit bonus. 100% match bonus up to 1.25 BTC / 125 EUR / 400 AUD / 125 USD / 1,250 SEK + NOK / 9,000 RUB + 180 free spins
  • 2nd Deposit Bonus: 50% match bonus up to 1.25 BTC / 125 EUR / 200 AUD / 125 USD / 1,250 SEK + NOK / 9,000 RUB
  • 3rd Deposit Bonus: 50% match bonus up to 1.25 BTC / 125 EUR / 200 AUD / 125 USD / 1,250 SEK + NOK / 9,000 RUB
  • 4th deposit bonus. 100% match bonus up to 1.25 BTC / 125 EUR / 400 AUD / 125 USD / 1,250 SEK + NOK / 9,000 RUB + 45 free spins

Oshi Free Bonus

According to their casino manager, Oshi can afford to be very generous with players because of the way the casino set up. They minimise fixed overheads, which means there’s more cash available for player incentives.

We counted 41 different bonuses, along with two tournaments and a lottery. A very impressive incentive lineup.

Reload bonuses

They have a unique feature which is the random daily reload bonus, where players receive a bonus every single day, but it’s randomised. That means players will never know exactly which bonus they going to get, what number of free spins or which free spin games they will play. We like this feature, because it adds to the excitement and anticipation we all want when playing in a good casino.

Redeemable comp points

There is also a redeemable comp points system, which is available to all real money players. Players accumulate redeemable comp points through betting on any game. Points balances seem to grow quickly, because of the generous exchange rates.

Once a player has enough points, they can exchange them for either free spins or bonus money. For regular players, bonus money has a 40 times wager requirement, but for VIPs it only has a 20-time wager requirement. This is important because VIPs demand preferential treatment and having such a low wager requirement for VIPcomp point bonus money is impressive.

Bonus point exchange is instant, so when players do exchange their comp points they are converted into either free spins or bonuses instantly.

Tournaments and lotteries

There are two tournaments, one for all players and the other for VIPs. Both tournaments offer weekly prize pools of 205,000 comp points, which is equivalent To about €1000 of bonus money per week.

One feature we especially like about their tournaments is the way players can win no matter what size of bet they make. According to the casino manager, the tournament algorithm works by awarding tournament prizes based on the size of win relative to the bet. For example, one player might bet five euros and win €100, another player might bet €10 and win €100. The player who bet five euros has a bigger win relative to their bet and therefore wins the tournament. Sounds a bit complicated? Yes, but all you need to know is if you’re a lucky player, no matter how big your bet, you could win the tournament.

Players can also participate in a weekly lottery, where there is a prize fund of 205,000 comp points, along with free spins. This lottery is open to all players except those betting in crypto currency. Players bet €10 and are awarded a lottery ticket. The greater the volume of bets, the more lottery tickets they get and the more likely they are to win.All prizes are awarded automatically, so it’s a very efficient system.


The VIP program is extensive. They have a tiered VIP program where players bet a certain amount and their automatically included into the preferential program. This means VIPs will get cashback ranging from between 5% and 10% weekly, they get access to the VIP only tournaments and get preferential treatment.

For those serious high rollers, there is an invite only VIP program, where players are looked after by one of the appointed VIP managers and they get exclusive custom bonuses, along with priority customer service and any other support VIPs would expect from a casino like this.

Overall there VIP program is excellent

Oshi Casino 2500+ Games

Oshi has one of the biggest game libraries we’ve ever seen in an online casino. It is surprising how many games they have in the library. We counted 2538 games as of this review, but were told by the casino manager are adding new game providers all the time, With a new game provider being added on average once every two months.

We were told that on a monthly basis there are at least 10 new slots games and these games are easily found on Oshi in their games library.

The most impressive part about their games library was not the number of games, but how they managed to these games. They have a powerful game search engine, with filtering which makes it easy for players to narrow down the games they prefer from the game providers they enjoy. This filtering system is similar to the kind of filters you would find on an e-commerce website. We’ve never seen this on any other casino and we love this technology!

Oshi Casino Banking

Oshi have their Rapid Cash Out™ System which is an end to end process for helping players get their money within 10 minutes. The system relies on algorithms, customer service efficiency and efficient payment systems, so players can request a cash add and receive confirmation of Cash Out within 10 minutes. This is a huge deal for players, because getting access to their money quickly is always a priority. We tested their rapid cash out™ system and it was very quick, giving us cash out in under 10 minutes.

Depositing is very straightforward. Oshi have something like 23 different payment providers, along with two crypto currencies, so it’s easy to deposit no matter which country you come from.

Having crypto currency is a great feature, which we found easy-to-use. For players who care about privacy, crypto currency payment is very valuable.

Overall deposits and withdrawals are easy and quick with Oshi Casino.

The casino manager tells us they are constantly adding new payment providers to help make Oshi the easiest to deposit and withdraw casino on the market. We were very impressed with their help information, talking about exactly which payment providers are available depending on the country your from.

Oshi Casino Support

Customer support is excellent. We know this, because we tested them and we were very impressed with the knowledge and speed of the customer services representatives we messaged with. Customer service is either via email or live chat and very responsive.

Data security is obviously critical for any transactional business like Oshi and they take security very seriously. We were told they have a 100% record to date on security, which we can verify from our research. The site is HTTPS and the payment systems are also HTTPS, so overall we are very satisfied with the levels of security on Oshi


This is one of the best online casinos we’ve reviewed in a long time. It’s not just their commitment to customer services, it’s the investment they’ve made in technology along with the generous welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, lotteries, tournaments and all of those other things which make a truly great online casino.

There is no other casino quite as good as Oshi and this is why Oshi earns our highest rating. Well done!

Oshi Casino Online & Mobile

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