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General Information 

It's now possible to bring a little festive cheer to the cold and darkening nights of autumn with the launch of a brand-new gaming site. This carnival-themed operator is called CasinoFest, and we are now going to take a closer look at its activities.

Behind this launch is none other than the Betpoint Group, which has established itself as one of the top players in the industry. The company's portfolio includes some exemplary sites that have received a lot of praise from players, and thus CasinoFest has a lot to live up to in that respect.

So, let's stop the bullshit and get down to some incisive analysis of the newcomer and see if CasinoFest can match or exceed the expectations of its siblings. Ultra Casino,, and Rapid Casino are really good benchmarks, as this time too, there will be space-free action and a lot of action.

Website Layout and Theme 

The look and feel of the event is exactly the kind of styling you would expect. The CasinoFest's festive theme is nicely pushed through and the exterior is really lively with a variety of colourful hues. Between the pale background and the dark menu bars, there are bright yellows, reds and shades in between. Plus, of course, the game icons add their own touch with handsome icons.

Unlike many other recent sites, CasinoFest is also very clean and has a modern layout. Time has been spent on the layout of each button, which of course also contributes to the ease of use. However, unique elements have not been forgotten and it's not a case of a cut-and-paste solution, as this newcomer is recognisable from a distance.

The handsome and visually rich banners are sure to get player after player in the party mood before a single spin. In terms of implementation, CasinoFest is indeed a successful product, and in terms of the exterior, it's definitely in the running for the most handsome portal.

User Experience and Interface 

The transactions and operations are tightly integrated around straightforward money transfer and effortless authentication, with no additional sign-up processes. So players can log in to CasinoFest conveniently using their own online banking credentials, and there's also an automatic account opening when they make their first deposit.

The interface is inspired by the backer's previous sites, which have been found to be highly functional by the general public. Increasingly, modern players demand smooth and slick operations, which has made this mode-free gaming a very popular way to enjoy games.

The CasinoFest itself is very effortless to use and moving from one place to another is a breeze. Loading times are therefore minimised and each button responds to a click as if on cue, which naturally contributes to customer satisfaction. In the same breath, there are no shortcomings in navigation and no danger of getting lost.

CasinoFest Welcome Bonuses

There's nothing like a juicy introductory offer to get you interested in a fresh gaming site. In that respect, CasinoFest is going out of the gates in a very ostentatious way, slapping €1,000 and 500 spins on depositing players:

  • 1st deposit: 100% up to €200 bonus + 30 free spins with code FEST
  • 2nd deposit: 50% up to €300 bonus + 70 free spins with code FEST2
  • 3rd deposit: 100% up to €500 bonus + 400 free spins with code FEST3

So there are plenty of benefits for the first three refills of your account, which you should remember to enter the passwords below to take advantage of. When it comes to wagering, the rules are very clear, with 50x wagering requirements for both the winnings collected and the deposit part.

Free Spins from the first two deposits are used all at once, but the third and largest set can be used in batches of 20. It's also good to know that the spins being awarded are targeted at a game called Sweet Bonanza.

Welcome Offer

CasinoFest Casino Games 

Gaming and games are, of course, at the heart of the experience when it comes to spending time on sites like this. CasinoFest has a wide range of products to choose from, with plenty of good options for everyone. The categories include slot machines, live games and Megaways. The package doesn't get much better than this, and it manages to appeal to all types of players in a handsome way.

The library has not been built lightly and this is reflected in the included game studios, which are among the best on the market. NetEnt, Play'n Go, Pragmatic Play, Big Time Gaming and many other well-known names are responsible for the high-quality listings.

To help estimate the number, CasinoFest gives us a figure of 3,000+ games, which is a fairly common catalogue size for today's operators. So it's an extensive library, and one that is also being diligently updated, with fresh products being added at a frantic pace.


The first category to be addressed is, of course, the biggest and most beautiful, which provides the backbone for so many gaming sites. The story of these traditional reels began so long ago that no one really remembers when. Either way, it's still the most popular single category that is also nicely represented on this site.

With an array of captivating games with a variety of patterns and paylines, CasinoFest is packed full of them, so players have a positive problem on their hands. Which device to go for is a very good question and one that the player has to find the answer to for themselves.

Jackpot Games

Oh, the hustle and bustle, as games in this category have been forgotten by the powers that be. Despite our exhaustive and lengthy research, we could not unearth a single title in the jackpot genre.

On the other hand, the same pattern has been present at several of CasinoFest's sister venues, so it must be the owner's policy not to offer these machines at all. It does, however, knock some points off the rating, but of course, this is easily remedied.

Megaways Games

The disappointment of yesterday is quickly erased, however, as it's time to head to the Megaways listing. The money saved on the aforementioned category is then allocated to these games and the coverage is truly hilarious.

Every one of today's big favourites can be found in the catalogue and with plenty on offer, many of the more recent and unknown titles are also included. The breadth of this section does make up for the misstep we just saw, which I'm sure will make a lot of gamers feel good too.

Live Casino & Table Games

The clear and monotonous divisions familiar from the slot machine side are also strongly present in live and table games. Baccarat, blackjack and other options are available in their own convenient categories, while you can easily navigate through the full range.

There's plenty to play, and it takes more than a few moments to get through every single one. What's more, as these products come from familiar studios, there's no doubting the quality.

CasinoFest Support Service 

No matter how meticulous the groundwork, there's always a slim chance that a bit will go wrong and things will grind to a halt. As such, the gaming hubs always have a knowledgeable and helpful team on hand to deal with any problems that players may encounter.

The very first way to get out of a tight situation is the FAQ section put together by CasinoFest, which provides a solution to the most common issues. The page lists both account and payment-related questions with answers that will help you unlock your own dead end.

However, if first aid and ready-made advice are not helpful, CasinoFest also allows you to exchange messages with customer service representatives. You can choose how you want to do this, with both email ([email protected]) and real-time chat available. So we can safely say that you will never be left alone with your problems and that help is always available.

CasinoFest Payment Options 

When it comes to payments, there's no need for a big information session or lengthy information blurbs, as money transfers are handled by a single service. Indeed, Trustly makes money transfers really fast and easy, which is why it is currently the overwhelming market leader. In addition to this first-choice payment method, there are also card payments and e-wallets, but it is this service, with its green logo, that steals the limelight.

Players only need to have a personal online banking account to be able to log in, and make deposits and withdrawals. There is no need to send any additional documents as the payment service transmits the personal data to CasinoFest when the money is transferred. Confirmation of identity is done almost instantly, which adds to the convenience of the process.

When it comes to more traditional payment solutions for the casino's cashier, these include:

  • Trustly
  • ecoPayz
  • MuchBetter
  • Mastercard
  • VISA
  • InstaDebit
  • iDebit
  • Bank transfer
  • Interac
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • MiFinity
  • VenusPoint
  • flykk

There are no major concerns or issues to keep in mind with this payment method, but of course, the minimum and maximum amounts per transaction set by the gaming venue should be taken into account. With a minimum deposit of €10 and a maximum daily withdrawal of €5,000, there's plenty of room for manoeuvre.

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Online Gaming Licence 

Gambling sites are subject to strict regulations and laws, which are enforced by the authorities. In order to operate, CasinoFest must hold a licence and this certificate has been obtained by the newcomer from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA/B2C/203/2011).

This truly prestigious institution ensures player safety and a fair gaming experience by closely monitoring gaming centres. Consequently, even the slightest irregularity is dealt with the vigour that the situation demands, and the branches are kept clean of dishonest parties.

CasinoFest Trustpilot Reviews

“I heard about this recent release and thought I'd check out what the guys were talking about. The newcomer was exactly what I had heard stories about. There were plenty of games on offer and the sign up and money transfers were done in no time, so I was really happy with what I saw.”

“This company's previous gaming sites have been some of my favourites and that gave me the idea to check out their latest release. It was familiar from previous portals, but that was also a good thing as the level of activity was really high. From the customer service point of view, I was in control and had a great time.”

“The interface was clear and the navigation was smooth, which is one of the most important features, at least for me. Add to that the extensive catalogue and the almost unimaginable speed of payments, and I can't help but recommend it.”

For every site that comes on the market, there are countless comments online, which are of course the responsibility of the players themselves. Although CasinoFest is a newly launched portal, customers who have already visited the site have already had time to share their feelings in the form of comments.

If we mirror the messages and feedback, the initial stimulation has been quite successful, with positive things being said from one direction or another. For CasinoFest, that is of course a sign of a job well done, but it must not take its foot off the gas if it wants to keep going in the same direction. How far this newcomer's popularity will go will take some time to be seen, but there is no finer way to kick it off.

Is CasinoFest for me? 

For the quality-conscious player who values their time, there's hardly a more hilarious place to enjoy a good time while banging away at the cash games. The mere fact that CasinoFest has a sign-up method is enough to attract interest throughout the player base, as there is no need to fox around during the sign-up process.

So you can easily log in with your bank details and then you'll be presented with CasinoFest's truly extensive game library. There's something for everyone, so customers who enjoy a variety of machines or gaming tables are sure to find something to suit their tastes. If there is one category that stands out above the rest, the range of Megaways games on offer is impressive.

If getting to the gaming area is easy and quick, then the same is true for exiting and withdrawing winnings. This, if anything, will make players rejoice, as there is nothing more satisfying than the swift arrival of their own withdrawals.

Is CasinoFest a scam?

Behind this publication lies a truly respected company with a long history in the industry, which has earned its place among the top players in the market through hard work. There is no room for dishonesty in its operation, and things are always done in accordance with the laws and regulations. When it comes to reliability, CasinoFest has no warning signs when you look at a company that is right behind the scenes.

When it comes to the day-to-day running of the venue, security is not compromised at any turn. One of the best-known payment services has been acquired to handle money transfers, with security measures and encryption that comply with financial regulations. This means your money is safe and your transfers can't slip through the cracks.

Of course, players have the added security of being licensed by an EEA-based authority. This body has verified that the operation is in compliance with the rules and will monitor fair play vigilantly, tackling every little indiscretion with the necessary seriousness. For players, things could not be better and concerns about integrity can be put to rest for this site.

Summary and Verdict 

The opening of this operator has finally been celebrated and we were the first to discover what CasinoFest has brought to the table. There's little need to hold back on the hype, as it's from such a high-quality direction that this release is kicking off the market.

There's a lot of interest in room-free gaming, and when the layout is right, this could be one of the year's hottest newcomers. The overall operation is of a very high standard and the game selection is nothing but the blandest of insides. Add to this the other key features that come with the package and you've got a palette that's on point.

So let's let time pass and keep a close eye on where CasinoFest ranks in the list of newcomers of the year. If a quick and hassle-free gaming journey is what you're after, then it's time to dig out the party dresses and head to the party.

CasinoFest FAQs

Is CasinoFest a trustworthy online casino?

Yes, it is, with a long tradition of gambling and a history of bringing players a number of top-notch sites to enjoy. The newcomer holds an excellent license, which is a testament to its external supervision.

How do I open an account at CasinoFest?

There is no need to open a gaming account, as the player will need to authenticate with their bank account details when making their first deposit and will be automatically activated as a user of the gaming site.

Where can I read about players' experience with CasinoFest?

If you are interested in reading player comments and messages about the atmosphere at this gaming centre, you have come to the right place. We offer uncensored feedback as well as our own incisive analysis of the fresh operator.

Does CasinoFest offer bonuses and free spins to new customers?

Players are entitled to a generous welcome bonus, spread over their first three deposits. Players can take advantage of up to €1,000 worth of chips and 500 free spins.

How fast are deposits and withdrawals at CasinoFest?

Instant money transfers, which are part and parcel of the free-to-play nature of the site, are also present here, so games can be started quickly and winnings are almost as slick.

Is CasinoFest a scam?

Not a scam, but a truly honest operator. The authority monitors the operation very closely and the partners involved are among the best-known on the market.

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