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Fire Vegas Casino Bonus

Welcome to our FireVegas Casino Review! The much-anticipated opening is now in place. It's a very fresh creation, so let the sand roll in the hourglass and keep a watchful eye on any future rewards. FireVegas is confident, at least initially, that the product will work strongly and that it will be fully licenced.

General Information 

Today we are talking about the newcomer FireVegas Casino. It is a part of the renowned and glamorous family of sites from White Hat Gaming. So the conditions couldn't be sweeter for players, as rarely does an operator of this calibre manage to disappoint high expectations.

With over 30 different brands to choose from, White Hat's product line-up is a well-established one, so it's a meritocracy behind this release. The smoothness, speed and enjoyment of the gaming experience will certainly not be compromised.

What we can expect is a work created with a clear template that works efficiently and effortlessly. The newcomers, often from well-known authors, have huge game libraries, so there is every guarantee of enjoyment. According to preliminary information, FireVegas does not stumble on these issues, but we shall find out in due course.

So let's get the review underway and get it done, so that we can get to the finish line sometime. However, there is so much important business to be done that it is certainly not worth dawdling. So read through at least the points that interest you, so that you're fully prepared when you go to the site.

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FireVegas Look and Theme 

Mind-blowing designs are, of course, always a memorable experience that will leave a good taste in your mouth for a long time to come. Sometimes you come across such works, although often in the gaming industry you have to settle for less in order to keep the site itself within reasonable bounds in terms of functionality and use. So let us now take a close look at this site and see what it has to offer.

FireVegas is a major producer, so it's no surprise that it's a quality site down to the smallest detail. The design and buttons are perfectly positioned, and there are no clunky or clunky solutions. The site delights the viewer with every detail that can be found on it.

Clarity is one of the concepts that comes to mind when adventuring along the FireVegas site map. In this case, less is more and our editorial team is happy about that. From time to time, we encounter labyrinths where you can't even find the button to make a deposit.

The colour scheme is a symbiosis of purple and white, so no flaming flames or colourful Vegas action is sought. The interface, which is very simple in visual appearance, works like a train toilet. The calm colour scheme and theme are a good choice and I have a strong feeling that this speaks volumes about the focus on games and usability.

Website Features and Navigation

When designing and implementing a gaming site, it is also important to consider the users, as they are the ones who determine the reputation and the real level of the site. Fine words and a host of flashy features are not enough if usability itself is poor. Everything must be easy and fun, and FireVegas is a prime example of this.

Access to the game has been made as straightforward as possible, so there are no extra complications. Login and deposit at the same time using your online banking credentials, so you're ‘Ready to Go', so to speak, in minutes. You'll definitely enjoy this, as there's no need for a laborious sign-up process.

Download speeds are top-notch, so browsing the massive selection is a pleasure. Navigating to the desired location on FireVegas is also easy, so there's no need for a map or compass.

Modern gaming sites are also characterised by a clear and simple structure. That's what we see in this fresh gaming world, and with the integration of nifty navigation tools, it doesn't get any easier than this.

100% bonus on first deposit

FireVegas Casino Bonuses

One thing that sets this casino apart from others is the fantastic welcome bonuses they give to new players. The extraordinary welcome package includes €1000 free cash in welcome bonuses and 100 gratis spins! When a player makes the first deposit, they will receive a 100% bonus, up to €200 plus 25 gratis spins. A second deposit will top up a player's account with an additional 50% bonus, up to €400 plus 25 gratis spins. Then, a third deposit will give a player a 75% bonus up to €400 plus 50 gratis spins.

The bonuses do not stop there either! FireVegas also likes to look after its loyal players by offering a 50% reload bonus when they make the first deposit every month. These funds are on the house, simply for depositing some money into your account. Players can also avail themselves of loyalty rewards points. These are cash reward points that can be exchanged for real money. The points accumulate rather quickly the more you play games in the casino.

FireVegas Casino Games 

You don't have to go far to see that the game collection is also right. There are hundreds of products available, divided into different categories such as jackpots, table games and just plain slots. There's a strong feeling that there's something for everyone.

Of course, many players will be clamouring for the biggest hits, which is no bad thing. Fortunately, this cry has been answered, with the likes of Play'n Go, NetEnt and Microgaming bringing their best games to the table. But let's not forget the fresh productions, which are also well represented at FireVegas Casino.

With a packed selection of games including bingo and scratch cards, there are plenty of categories to choose from and plenty of products to choose from. On a related note, the large number of reels and spools is often a turn-off. This is also the case with FireVegas, where betting, for example, is conspicuous by its absence.

There's plenty to chew on in this pie, so let's grab a plate of category-by-category chunks. So here's a closer look at this newcomer's product range.

Slot Machine Games

The most familiar grinders from the biggest names are, of course, the backbone of the range of products found on FireVegas. In addition, the site offers a wide range of fresh releases, so it's not just the old classics that you'll be riding on. These spinners have clearly been given the biggest responsibility for entertaining the nation.

The list of games goes on and on, but it's impossible to get lost in this endless swamp. The search function, which works like a charm, guarantees access to your favourites in the blink of an eye.

Jackpot Slot Games 

Fans of big wins will be spoilt by FireVegas Casino. The progressively growing millions worth of pot spinning on the front page alone speaks for itself that this newcomer has the quality for those interested in jackpot games.

As usual, classic products from some of the best-known names stand out. There is quite a decent selection of these power reels available, so the editorial team scores an acceptable style point in this category.

Megaways Slot Machines 

Offering high randomness and quantitatively variable lines, these games have become a favourite among the general public. No need to form a pajama cup with a lower lip for this category.

The line-up on offer is a tight cannon from start to finish. With mills produced by the industry's mega-stars, the neighbour's pert or rite will surely find their own favourites in the list of fiery newcomers.

Live Casino & Table Games

Already a tradition, this category also earns ten points and a parrot mark, as you'd expect from a big player launching a fresh site. With more familiar gaming houses joining the fray, the entertainment quotient is on a strong upward trajectory.

Whether you enjoy a card punch or the crackle of a roulette machine, FireVegas provides entertainment for its customers. From live games to traditional table games, there's a wide range of ways to spend your time, and this category is a package worth exploring.

FireVegas Customer Service 

The familiar phrase ‘a splash and a clatter is a splash' applies, and when the product you're dabbing out the back door hits the rotor blades, you're in dire need of assistance. FireVegas support is on hand to help with both major and minor problems, so it's a good idea to turn to them.

The staff at the other end of the line are fluent in the most common languages, so there's no need to book a language bath in case of a sticky situation. Questions will be answered professionally and efficiently in the language you choose to use. This is conducive to player satisfaction, as any problems that may arise can be resolved effortlessly and swiftly.

Contact with the newcomer's own Fireteam can be easily made via email ([email protected]) and the chat facility on the site. As usual, email is a little slower than chat. Customers are served seven days a week with extended opening hours, so an emergency call does not have to be made during normal office hours.

The FAQ section of any self-respecting site is also represented on the FireVegas bandwidth. This comprehensive listing provides first aid for the most common problems, so there's quick support with clear wording. If help cannot be found here, the channels to customer support are open.

Welcome Package with Free Games

FireVegas Payment Transactions 

Deposits and withdrawals move conveniently through the popular payment service. To make a currency transfer, you'll need your online banking credentials to open the gates of this account-free newcomer.

To make a deposit, all you need to do is select the amount you want to deposit from the home page and press deposit. You will then be redirected to the page to authenticate with your preferred bank ID. This is an easy and efficient way to confirm your deposit, after which the funds will be transferred to your account in real-time.

The Trustly system in place is secure and fast. Through the service, transfers can be made using the IDs of the banks you are familiar with. This means that players' data is strictly protected and payments are made reliably. So all you need to do to start playing is successfully complete a few steps to deposit money into your account.

If you are lucky enough to have winnings waiting to be withdrawn, the transfer to your own bank account will take place quickly when you are authenticated with your bank account details. Once FireVegas approves your withdrawal request, the currency transfer will be processed immediately and you will receive the funds within a few minutes.

FireVegas Gambling Licence 

With many items on the office checklist already completed with flying colours, the next step is to check the status of a very important issue. The company needs a licence from the gaming authority to offer mills and grinders to its customers. This test too is passed with flying colours, as the required documents are in the back pocket and in this case they come from Malta.

The latest newcomer to the market holds an EEA licence (MGA/B2C/370/2017), so FireVegas is closely monitored by the authorities. The main gaming industry certification for the provision of services is therefore in place and the site has passed an even more rigorous screening process ahead of the opening speeches.

Trustpilot User Reviews 

“Waiting was rewarded and this site has a pleasant feel to it at first glance. Almost all of my favourite games are well represented. White and purple work well together.”

“A visually calm gaming center with a strong selection of games to play. Customer service was excellent when I had a problem and I received help promptly.”

“Straight money transfers are my thing, so I like this newcomer. The clear design on the page is a joy to the eye, and it's not some mass-produced crap.”

Of course, the newcomer, which has just opened its doors, hasn't yet generated a huge flood of customer feedback. However, the information gleaned from the small stream does provide evidence of a quality home for a wide range of games. Only time will tell, but the above ideas suggest that FireVegas is a good package.

So the launch has been a success and the pieces of the puzzle are in place, so players have welcomed the newcomer with open arms. Special praise from the players has been showered on the layout, support services and game selection. This is a good thing to continue, as the acceptance is being received from the very beginning.

Is FireVegas Casino a scam?

A high-quality creation from a well-known company in a wide range of gaming sites is a refreshing case. Security has been comprehensively taken care of and the site keeps its guests safe with SSL security, among other things.

The security of money transfers is guaranteed by relying on a payment service provider that is known and trusted on the market. Your handles are safe and secure when making deposits or withdrawals.

The games that FireVegas brings to the table are from some of the toughest names in the industry. This helps to ensure that the hybrids are stable and rigorously tested before players have access to them.

The foregoing already guarantees that this is not a scam, but a completely valid case. In addition, the venue is licensed by an EEA authority, so there is confidence in honest and fair play.


It's great to have fresh blood on the market again, especially when it's a quality product like this. The layout is visually pleasing, with clearly enough time spent on the design. It's not a sloppy piece of work, it's world-class.

The usability is excellent and even a hot teddy bear-like myself was able to keep calm as the site loaded without breaking a sweat. The menus and products are clearly visible, so it doesn't take too long to find what you're looking for.

Sure, there is a steady stream of slots, but it's not every day that a big player like this author releases new stuff into the industry. So now is definitely the time to give this site a chance.

So what makes FireVegas worth a try? Well, first of all, there's sheer quality when it comes to using the site. Everything is done from start to finish very quickly and effortlessly, so there's no sweat with this site. At best, you can complete a successful gaming trip in as little as ten minutes, which is perfect for a busy day.

What's more, the games selection is packed with quality stuff from the best manufacturers in the business. There's something to suit every style and taste. And, of course, there's no denying that you can't get out of your comfort zone. The keys to the fun are now in your own hands, so dare to check out this fiery newcomer?

FireVegas Casino FAQ 

Is FireVegas a reliable online casino?

It is a website of a well-known and trustworthy entity that holds a license issued by a public authority. The site has SSL security, well-known partners and secure payment processors.

How do I open an account at FireVegas online casino?

Opening a gaming account is as simple as logging in. Using the form on the front page, you choose the amount to deposit and confirm the transaction using your bank details.

Where can I read about experiences with FireVegas online casino?

You can read your thoughts and feedback about the site here. We bring together in one package a compilation of players' thoughts, accompanied by the editor's feelings about the site that opened.

Does FireVegas offer bonuses and free spins to new customers?

There are currently €1000 free chips and 100 free spins up for grabs.

How fast are deposits and withdrawals at FireVegas online casino?

Deposits and withdrawals are instant via the payment processor. Fast and secure money transfer, so there's no time for extra nose-picking.

Is FireVegas Casino a scam?

No. The site holds a license, which is controlled by the issuers of the gaming site. The manufacturer is also known for its previous reliable productions, so worry not about this gaming site.

New Slots and Table Games

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