Megascratch Casino 20 Free Spins and €400 Bonus

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Sign up with MegaScratch for free and claim 20 free spins on Starburst, no deposit is needed. In addition, new players are entitled to 200% deposit bonus up to 400 euro. Plus, 10 euro in free chips!

Let's play and win multi-million jackpots every day!

Megascratch Casino Tournaments

Imagine a gaming site where you can play live as if you were in a brick and mortar casino! Megascratch is such a gaming site, where, although you get to play with scratch cards and get to win bonuses, you are not confined to that impersonal arena forever. Here, you can buy your scratch cards online and proceed to the live tournaments area, where you get to experience a gaming atmosphere similar to that in conventional casinos around the world. Of course, this comes with some rush and excitement, something every gamer is thirsty for irrespective of the platform they are playing at.

Whether you use your scratch cards to play the varied games available at Megascratch, or you go straight to the live tournament arena to enjoy play with other passionate gamers, the fun is great at the site. However, the thrill of watching yourself rising in ranking as you play live is immeasurable.

So, as you watch the leaderboard, what you tend to think about is not the next time you need to purchase scratch cards online. Rather, you tend to marvel at the top players of the tournament as they are displayed live, and you wonder whether there is a reason your name cannot be on the list as well. And since you are certain the systems at Megascratch, from purchase of scratch cards online to utilizing the scratch cards, and extending to other transactions like utilizing your cash deposits, is all fair and credible, you are confident you have a fair chance of joining the leading tournament players. Keep in mind that the updates on the leaderboard are made on a real-time basis, and so you are able to see how you are faring at any one moment.

Megascratch Live Dealer

Playing on a live tournament does not deprive a player of any advantages other players are enjoying. Obviously, you get to have a lot of fun as you play against other gamers; you get to see how you rate in play against other players; you stand to win great prizes; and then there are the other perks that come with playing live.

These perks include earning reward points whenever you place a bet and getting access to unique games available whenever you play live. Then there is, not surprisingly, the opportunity to earn big monies, in addition to the thrill of seeing yourself on the leader board once you rate highly playing live. One more thing players wishing to participate in the live tournament are bound to be happy about is the fact that the players’ ranking does not depend on the size of deposits they have made. It depends on bets the player has placed; points the player has earned over the playing period; and the number and size of wins the player has made.

In short, there is a level playing field for all gamers at the live tournament, something that is motivating to players. No wonder there is an increasing number of gamers buying scratch cards online, and cannot wait to log onto Megascratch and play on a live tournament Las Vegas style.

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