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Online Gaming Overview 

There are some organizations that have taken it upon themselves to gather data pertaining to casinos and other gambling venues. They can, for example, give a good estimate of the number of slot machines within a country’s gambling venues; the number of casino tables in a country’s casinos; and even the level of activity in individual gambling sites including those that have online slot machines. Is it possible to tell what countries are doing better than others based on these statistics?

According to the firms well versed in matters gambling, one of the best ways of telling who is doing better than another is by rating activity. This means that instead of considering what country boasts of the highest number of slot machines or casino tables, one needs to check how many people frequent casinos and actually play. Of course, there are people who gather around slot machines and take most of their time watching others play, but for the rating, assessing firms want to consider cash paid out to spin slot machines. For those playing online, it is easy to tell the level of activity on online slot machines because the software used does keep count of everything that takes place on the site.

There is another method that is used in finding out the country that has gamblers who play and do not tire fast of gambling. This method entails checking out what the average gambler in the country spends or looses in a year, whether it is in spinning slot machines in ordinary casinos or playing on online slot machines. The idea is to monitor the spending habits of individual residents in gambling.

Here are some countries that made the top gamblers in 2014:

Australia leads the pack

The reason Australia is placed in the leading position is not that it has the most slot machines or that its residents are the most frequent on online slot machines. It is because it was established that the average Australian gambler lost $1,279 in the year. So, Australians love to play betting games, and they are also prone to losing.

Singapore came second

The average Singaporean gambler lost $1,243 in 2014, and that is including losses made on slot machines, scratch cards, bingo; generally any form of gambling officially available in the country.

US came a distant third

Of course, the US is a huge country and it must have a correspondingly a huge number of slot machines. However, it seems that either the average US resident does not gamble as much as in the other two countries, or the residents here are luckier where wins and losses are concerned. Still, all indications are that gambling is also high in the US. The average gambler here lost $705.

Ireland follows the US

It is a little surprising that a country as small as Ireland should be so close in gambling rating to a country as big as the US. The average Irish lost $684 in 2014.

  • Finland followed with a $657 loss per person
  • New Zealand was close with $602 as their losses per resident
  • In Malta, the average player made gambling losses of $600 per player
  • Italy made a gambling loss of $557 per player in the year
  • Norway came very close with losses of $554 per gambler
  • The UK then followed, taking the 10th position among the top countries that made the most losses in gambling per individual player.

MrMega Casino Summary 

Sometimes it is not easy to tell if people from some countries who love to play betting games are immune to losing, whether they have a comparatively high level of disposable income, or if they have just become compulsive gamblers. Nevertheless, the need for caution when playing on online slot machines or any other form of gambling cannot be overstated. Gladly, some sites like Mr. Mega and such others have made a point of putting that warning clearly on their website. So, hopefully, web visitors logging in to play their varied fun games will take caution and indulge responsibly.

Final thoughts: MrMega is more than any online casino, we give them 5/5!


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